The hilltop village of Èze is situated on the French Riviera between Nice and Monte Carlo. After centuries of turbulent changes of ownership, in April 1860 the people of Èze unanimously decided to be designated as part of France.



The narrow village streets wind upward to the ruins of the 12th Century castle and the botanical  garden (Le Jardin Exotique) full of cacti and exotic plants. At a height of 427 metres above sea level it boasts fantastic views of Villefranche, Cap Ferrat and the Mediterranean beyond.



As you work your way up through the cobbled streets, flanked by high stone walls, you will encounter numerous stone archways, pretty squares and fountains.



There are also terrace cafés, hotels and restaurants if you fancy a break.



You will pass a multitude of shops selling local crafts, perfumes and herbs.



For five star luxury try the Hôtel Chèvre d'Or with it's world famous Michelin starred restaurant. Don't expect a cheap night out and please, dress to impress.




Photos © Andy Coomer



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