Gigaro Beach


La Plage de Gigaro is 4km from the centre of La Croix Valmer and like so many of the unspoilt beaches in this area has very limited parking. During the summer months only the early risers get to park alongside the beach.

The rest have to settle for spaces where they can find them on the road heading inland giving them a longer but pleasant walk next to the vineyards.


Due to the several rocky areas along the beach, Gigaro is well known as a great place for snorkelling.


Where to Stay


Château de Valmer

Boulevard de Gigaro

La Croix Valmer, 83420


A magestic 400m avenue of palm trees in the heart of the organic vineyard links Château de Valmer to Gigaro Beach

Château de Valmer

Where to Eat


Marius à la Plage

Plage de Gigaro, La Croix Valmer 83420

Open lunchtime and evening every day April-October

Marius à la Plage Restaurant

La Plage de Gigaro

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